Data Automation

Data Automation

No more time-consuming, manual data collection and transfer! Big data automation solutions are the work of applications based on technology, and artificial intelligence ensures the continuous acquisition and processing of new data. It is efficient business process automation that has many advantages.

Data Automation is Time Saving

We are aware of how important time is in a fast-paced world. Stop wasting your or your employees potential on manual data copying and merging! You should leave it to big data automation and spend your precious time on more value-creating tasks!

Shortens task time

Data automation services ensure that information is posted and organized faster than ever before.

Fewer mistakes

Even the most diligent employees‘ can make mistakes when transferring data manually. Incorrect data leads to inaccurate results and the latter to wrong or even harmful decisions.

When is it worth applying data automation solutions? 
  • When data needs to be updated frequently.
  • When using large amounts of data.
  • When data is obtained from heterogeneous sources.

The good news is that you are at the right place where we will create value for your business processes. “In-Bigdata” offers big data automation solutions:

  • automation of calculations, development of algorithms.
  • automatic data preparation, processing, and cleaning.
  • automatic upload to your database.
  • automatic reporting and updating.
  • sending information messages and alerts by e-mail.
  • managing information on your phone.
  • automation of other repetitive processes and more.

With “In-Bigdata” you will never have to worry about a thing anymore. We will analyze the business process and customize the data automation software (Rstudio, Uipath, Power BI) that best suits your business needs and prepare it for efficient use.


Start your data automation journey today!


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