About Us

About Us

We are “In-Bigdata” – a team that unites wise and intelligent minds. This company was born out of an understanding of the undeniable benefits of data and has gained in-depth experience that has taught us how to handle data to save time, avoid mistakes and work for the company.

We have decided to share this valuable knowledge with you!

Data professionals for your business success!

The word of the CEO

Dear customers,

In-Bigdata” is a team of experienced data analytics experts working to help your business reach new heights! We are professionals with many years of knowledge in big international organizations, banks, and other financial and insurance institutions. “In-Bigdata” have united to form an experienced team to help businesses understand the benefits of data and reap the benefits of their most ambitious business goals.

Data is one of the greatest assets of a wise business that, when used properly, can deliver astounding results. Our goal is to help companies understand their data and make all strategic business decisions based on it, automate processes and reap the full benefits of the data.

We hope our professionalism, responsibility, and attention will help you earn your trust and establish long-term cooperation.

Ina Ruškienė
Founder of the “In-Bigdata”


Become a trusted long-term business partner that helps you understand and enable data for big business goals.


Provide professional data analytics services that help you achieve your company‘s targets.

Big Goals → Big Data → Big Success!