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In-BigData: Empowering businesses to profit from data with the right tools and techniques.

duomenų analitika

The Smart Way to Use Your Data

Difficult to manage and understand the company‘s data? Is manual systematization of information time-consuming? A team of professional data analysts, along with modern technologies, will help you personalize your business information and data usage.

Decision-making will never again be based on intuition, as objective data will show you the best moves for your business scaling.

duomenu automatizavimas

Data Automation

The loading, managing, and processing of data through AI.

duomenu saugojimas, duomenu valdymas

Data Storage and Management

Secures big data storage and management in one platform.

duomenu vizualizacija su power bi

Power BI Services

Visual presentation of data: graphs, charts, convenient slicing.

duomenu strategija

Data Strategy

The most optimal and profitable way to use data for your business.

duomenu analitikos konsultacijos

Data Consulting

Professional business data analysis and suggestions on profitable data processing results in the shortest possible time.

Leveraging Data to Drive Business Growth

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Data Strategy Consulting

In-BigData can help businesses develop and improve their data strategies to align with their overall business objectives.

Data Automation and RPA Solutions Management

Our professionals streamline data processing, enhancing efficiency and productivity with automated workflows.

Efficient Data Storage and Management

We can help businesses establish secure and scalable data storage solutions to manage their growing data volumes efficiently.

Data-Driven Insights and Analysis

Our company can provide comprehensive data analysis services to extract valuable insights from business data, enabling informed decision-making.

Interactive Data Visualization and Analytics

In-BigData transforms business data into interactive visualizations, enabling insightful analysis and informed decision-making.

Data-Powered Growth Objectives

We can partner with businesses to achieve their growth objectives by leveraging data-driven insights and strategies.

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