Power BI service

Power BI Service

Is data processing associated with reports flooded with a surplus of hard-to-understand numbers? The “In-Bigdata” team is still facing the stereotype that they are difficult to read, understand and use. Power BI insights let you visualize and understand your business data in an easy-to-understand manner.

For the company to benefit from the data, it must understand and use the analyzed data correctly. The simplest data language is visual analytics: graphs, tables, trends, KPIs, and other visualizations help you understand data trends, bias, and patterns in an easily understandable way. The Power BI service will make it much easier for you and your staff to provide comprehensible information and prepare it almost effortlessly.

With Power BI analytics, you can easily prepare annual activity reports to help you forecast performance.

The data is easy to understand and memorize.

Clearer visualization of data trends and relationships.

New slices of data you haven’t evaluated before.

More profitable management decisions thanks to a visual activity report.

The „In-Bigdata“ team will help you curb your data and make it clear and understandable. With the most advanced and market-leading Power BI service we can: install and format the application, order licenses, create user accounts, train, maintain and update reports, and bring the most valuable data visual activity reports by email and other.

Let the data work for you! Contact us about your new artificial intelligence tool – Power BI analytics!

Big Goals → Big Data → Big Success!